About Us

Neunetworks Digital is a full service web design and development agency specialising in WordPress website design and maintenance

We’ve been around for a while now

In 1999, Clement Oke started a small design consultancy creating brochures and designing websites. This was back in the infancy days of the web when animated GIFs was a thing and Flash animated websites were cutting edge.

Our ethos of making sure we meet and exceed our client’s needs continues till today.

How we work

We work collaboratively and adaptively with our clients so that any solutions we provide match or exceed their expectations. We don’t patronise or consider ourselves experts in our clients’ businesses as we rercognise they know their stuff. So we make sure we can provide the tools to let their customers and clients know they do.

Who we work with

We work with individuals as well as small to medium-sized organisations including those in the third sector. We understand that principles and learning can be transferrable across industries when the main aim is to communication and engage.

We work with clients in the UK, mainland Europe, West Africa, and the United States giving us a breadth of scope enabling us to bring diversity to our output.