Want to develop a happier and effective workforce?

We can help you create an intranet that promotes inclusion, effective ways of working and boosts morale among your workforce.

People are happier when they are in the loop and don’t feel left out of important conversations that affect them. A modern intranet allows the organisation to put forward ideas, publish decisions and get instant feedback from all staff, wherever they are based.

Modern intranets provide space for staff to interact with each other on work and social topics. Innovative ideas tend to come from personal experiences shared in the workplace. Creating that space is key, regardless of the size of your organisation.

Creating a platform for staff to easily share ideas and opinions allows you to identify morale-boosting opportunities and encourage best practice in your operations.

Time spent searching for important documents, policies or contact information is wasted when the task becomes onerous. A modern intranet makes it easier to store, share and find important documents people can get on with their work in an effective and efficient manner.

Intranets are invaluable when it comes to staff engagement and retention. Staff feel better supported when they have the information they need to do their job at their fingertips.

Benefit from remote and mobile access, security and accessibility. This means your staff can work flexibly and you save money on real estate costs.

Why you should trust us

Developing or redesigning your intranet is no mean feat. Having developed and project managed numerous intranets we can provide expert advice on which platform would best suit your needs.

We have developed intranets for companies and organisations in the public and private sector ranging from a workforce of 20 to 10,000.

We focus on departmental pain points to deliver intranets that staff love. Ranging from simple tasks that take ages on slow and out of date intranets, to not being able to trust information stored on them due to lack of content governance.

Recent Work

Check out some recent examples of our work.

Trinity Towers

The challenge was to design and build a showcase website for a new mixed-use development in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. The site would include video and technical information to help support the marketing of the development.

Ubosi-Eleh website design project

Ubosi Eleh + Co

The client wanted a redesign of their existing website without losing the valuable information they already had online. The site would also allow them to post new properties on the site and market them to potential clients.

This Can Happen

The client wanted a website that would plug into multiple CRM platforms like HubSpot and Mailchimp. They also needed to allow for multiple payment systems to sell tickets from their website.